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About Sparks Therapy + Wellness

Teletherapy Services Anywhere in Ohio

Healing is real. Imagine a world where you feel free to take off your proverbial mask and shine your awesomely weird self. All. Over. The. Place. Where there's a real possibility to deeply know who you are, feel accepted by others, and (dare you say) be emboldened to allow others to be the fullest, most authentic ...

Specializing in Neuro-Affirming Care

I believe that autistic rights are human rights and all neurodivergent brains should be respected and valued. I look at therapy as a collaboration to support people in building a life that feels good to them by following their lead and magnifying their au-someness, rather than focusing on their challenges. I love ...

Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services

Diagnostic Assessments

Diagnostic assessments help create a roadmap to figure out your strengths, needs, and necessary supports to become the best version of …
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$185.00 Initial 90-minute Session

Neuro-Affirming Psychotherapy

I adopt a holistic, client-centered approach to helping clients, children and tweens through adults, deal with and overcome a variety of …
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$140.00 50-minute Session


  • EMDR trained
  • Neuro-Affirming
  • Trauma-informed
  • Client-centered
  • Holistic Approach
  • Teletherapy

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